Blue Friday Rambles


Fridays are the best, especially when it is Blue Friday. If you are a Seattlelite then you will understand; actually, I’ll take that back….most of the nation knows that the Seahawks fans wear their jerseys, swag and colors on the Friday before a game. No Matter What.

Yes, I am that person as well. Even if it isn’t football season, you’ll find most people are wearing their Seahawks’ swag throughout the year. Call us crazy, but we love our team.

I had the opportunity to go to the Arizona game a few weeks back and boy it was nutz. Nutz actually isn’t the best word to use. It was out of control….or was that me? I’ll keep that hush hush for now.


View from our seats.

This weekend, the Seahawks play the 49ners again, our biggest rival. Hoping for a repeat game from a few weeks ago on Thanksgiving. I want to go to this game so badly, but it is very costly.

 On another note, I was surfing the web yesterday and came across a very interesting article about drivers in America.

USA Today had an article about which states have the worst drivers.


Here are the results with some explanations. I was pretty shocked with the results. Any thoughts?

Is anyone else mad about how Sons of Anarchy ended? I am pretty upset about it. That show was my #1. Now, I need to find another new show to watch.

Have a marvelous Friday and don’t forget to cheer on the Seahawks with me!

XO, Tara


All Weekends Should Be Three Days!

Weekend are the best. Especially when a long weekend is in the mix!
It’s Monday and I feel like I should be at work, but I am not! Hurray!!
It’s been a mild weekend so far. Worked out, played with the pup, watched hours of The Killing and Games of Thrones. Sorry but I’m not sorry for spending my time on the couch. Heck, everyone deserves it.
Cooper and I have been having a ball. Literally.

When it’s rains, play ball indoors.

So camera shy.

Cooper and I ran around yellow lake on Saturday and I had a run at it solo on Sunday. My left knee is still bugging me, but the trail wasn’t so bad. I didn’t push it too hard.

On another note…You’d think that Costco would be dead or not as busy on Labor Day Weekend. Negative my friends. It was a zoo, like normal. Complete chaos in my book. I had crowds. 
Costco managed to take my money for TWO items only:

I love the snap peas and the baby Seahawks book was a must. It will be a gift for the family that I am dog sitting for. You can never be too young to love the Seahawks!! 🙂 Start em young!
The Seahawks first official game is this week against Green Bay. Woot!
I’ll be prepping all week!
Oh ya, take advantage of the Labor Day sales! They are amaze balls!
Xo, Tara

Seahawks Game Day

Before I start rambling about the Seahawks, let’s recap on last night.

First off, it was eye lash time. Wooot!


My lovely full lashes are back!! Yes, it’s an addiction, but I am okay with it. Football is another addiction….

Remember the Seahawks? That football team that went to the Superbowl last year and won…. Oh ya the Seahawks! Football season is upon us and of course pre-season is happening as we speak. The Seahawks played the San Diego Chargers last night.

Let’s recap on the evening. What game? SEAHAWKS V. CHARGERS

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002 006 007

By half time, the score was 24 to 7.

Wilson came out after the first half and Pryor went in for the second half. The Chargers is unfotunately manage to score which up’d the score to 27-14. Of couse, the Hawks are still feeling good. As I am writing this, the Hawks scored. AWESOME!!

The game ended with a Seattle Seahawks win: 41 vs 14. 

Do you watch NFL preseason?

Or the regular season?

What sport do you love to watch???

XO, Tara


Representing the Home Team

Hello! Hello!
I’m patiently waiting for my flight back home to Seattle. I’m not a very patient person especially when your flight is delayed; however an adult beverage does help.

According to my uncle, adult beverages are known as “daddy soda.” I like it. And according to my cousin it’s called, ” coocooo juice.” I’m having myself a daddy soda/coocooo juice before a find hour flight.
Any who, enough with that. In my lady post, I mentioned that my mom and I visited an NFL stadium on our way to New Jersey to stay with my aunt, uncle and their two children.



Yes, of course we had to make a quick detour to see Gillette Stadium. Home of the Patriots! 🙂
Needless to say, we had to represent the Seahawks! Durr. What kind of fan do you think I am? The best kind!
However, we didn’t stop with just one stadium..nope! We ventured to MetLife Stadium a few days later.



I take my football seriously. It would be awesome to visit all of the NFL stadiums so I’ll add that to my bucketlist!!
Ok, it’s time to make my way to the terminal.
What NFL stadium are you dying to see?
Take care!

Discount Alert for the Seahawks 12k Race!

Good morning and Happy Thursday! Sadly, the rain hasn’t let up yet. The forecast calls for rain, rain, showers, chance of showers, rain up to a quarter of an inch, etc. I think you catch my drift.


My sad/duck face in the car after work last night. 

Anywho….Boy do I have a treat for you that I am super duper excited to share!!! It involves the Seahawks, if you haven’t figured it out already from the title. 😉


As you know already, I am a HUGE Seahawks fan and every year the Seahawks organization hosts a 5k and 12k race.


This year will be my third time running the 12k and this year will be even better due to the fact that we are Superbowl champions. I have even more pride in my team than ever before and I am sure that hundreds of thousands of other people agree. I expect that the amount of Seahawks fanatic participants will double! Any bets?!

Okay, on with the big news….


I was given the opportunity to offer 25 of my awesome readers a chance to save $5.00 on their registration fee for the Seahawks 5k or 12k. Who doesn’t love to save money and participate in an spectacular race? Plus, I’d love to see you all there too! The race will be held on Sunday, April 13, 2014.

To save $5.00 on registration, use the code: PNWRUNNER. This code will last through the month of March only. You do not want to miss this. Mark your calendars right meow. 

Check out how much fun I had last year!




Follow @OrswellEvents on Twitter for more information on the Seahawks 12k and any other races that they host.

Remember this discount code is only available for the first 25 applicants. Do not wait! 🙂

Will you choose to register?

Have you participated in the Seahawks 5k or 12k?

Will you dress up? I’m planning on wearing my jersey again, getting more crazy with face paint of stickers and maybe a tutu. Who knows!

I cannot wait for this race and to possibly see you all there! 😀

XO, Tara



In Case You Haven’t Heard…We Are The Champions!

I am still pinching myself to make sure that what occurred on Sunday was real. Like wowowowowza!


Superbowl 48 was seriously one of the best days of my life. Celebrating the Seahawks win with all of our friends was glorious. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

098 021 026 033 031 029 058 060 097094

Sadly, the pictures got fuzzier as the night continued. 😉 But look at all those smiling faces!!

Seattle is holding a giant parade this Wednesday starting 11am. The parade will start on Fourth Avenue and Denny Way.  If you are in the area, come by and continue to celebrate the Seahawks first Superbowl win in franchise history!

Now, only 6.5 more months until the 2014-15 season begins!!!

 XO, Tara

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Biggest Game of the Year

Five hours and 35 minutes until the biggest game of the year for Seahawks fans begins. How many people actually got some sleep last night?

Ughh, way too much excitement. 😀



Where will you be in 5 hours and 35 minutes? I wish I could have made the very expensive trip to the Superbowl.

My hairstylist was certain that she would get a text from me saying that I had to cancel my appointment, because I was on my way to the big game. Sadly no…I don’t make enough moola to afford that trip. However, the next time the Seahawks go, I WILL BE GOING. It is a once in a lifetime experience!


Heck yes! I cannot tell you how many rally’s I’ve seen over the past week. Basically, amazing. The 12th man is loud n’ proud.



Pretty darn cool. I’d love to apart of this one day. Schools all over Washington were getting together to form the 12.

Did you hear that the Superbowl ad’s this year nearly doubled in cost? Holy crap, seriously? They better be good!

Will you catch the Puppy Bowl? I’ve never seen it before, but all the pups look uber cute!

Here’s the line up if you want to make your picks ahead of time!

What do you look forward to the most on Superbowl Weekend?

Puppy Bowl or Super Bowl?

Seahawks or Broncos? You know what the answer is! 😉


XO, Tara

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