The Awkward Pair

My dinners over the last few nights have been quite interesting. Mostly because I am too fatigued to put any effort into my meals. Two nights in a row, I blended up a monster green protein smoothie and had a side of pretzels, cheese, pita chips, turkey and guacamole.




The Green Machine Shake. 

1 cup ice

1 cup water

1 scoop Vanilla Designer Whey

1 cup spinach

1/2 teaspoon xanthum gum

1 tablespoon PB2

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 teaspoon stevia

Blend and demolish. 


Spicy is where its at and it is delicious….

And yes, I’ll have the smoothie and guacamole at the same time. Sounds disgusting right? Perhaps to most; however, I must be the 7% that finds it to be just fine. HA!

I hope that I am not the only one that gets super lazy when it comes to preparing dinner when you are completely and udderly drained. So drained that the idea of food is not appealing, but overall a necessity. This is where I’m at. So tired, wanting sleep, but also needing to feed my body so that it will make it through the next day.

Ok, enough with my two cents. It’s time for yet another day at trial, luckily its the home stretch!

Enjoy the day!

XO, Tara



Fun Facts Friday- Friday the 13th Edition

Happy dance, happy dance!

Today is FRIIIIIDAYYYYY—–>Friday the 13th to be exact! Watch out for the black cats and level 13 or whatever else freaks you out on this day.

I’m pretty stoked for the weekend. How about you?

It’s time to get to Fun Fact Friday

1. Look at that good ol’ bruise on my upper thigh. Totally ran into the corner of my side table. I know that I’ve ran into it many times and I still haven’t learned. 


2. Breakfast. I’ve had smoothies everyday this week so far for brekkie. I never used to eat breakfast, because I wasn’t always hungry. However, since I am lifting more I know that it would help me physically to consume more protein/food throughout the day.


3. #OITNB- OMG!!!!

4. Escape Club is the dumbest show ever. There was nothing else on last night, so I had to cringe my teeth and listen to this show (background annoyance).


5. Virtual Book Club! I need to figure this out. According to my last post, people are interested in this. Thoughts? How many books a month? Interested?

6. I’m going to a country concert on Saturday and I am pretty stoked for it.


10 bands in one day. Heck yes. However, we will probably show up in the later afternoon.

What are you up to this weekend?

Does Friday the 13th freak you out?

Are you in a book club?

XO, Tara

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Good things come to those who SWEAT!


I love it when the week begins on a Tuesday. Don’t you? Only a few more sleeps until the weekend comes around again. Plus, the weather is looking to be in our favor. Which means, it’s time to get our sweat on outside. Even though, I’ve been struggling with the whole running thing lately, it doesn’t mean that I cannot get outside and burn some calories.

Since running is out of the picture insert sad face :(, I’ll have to stick to hiking, cycling, walking and circuit training outdoors.

005 001021

Here are some of my favorite circuit training routines that easily can be done outside!

Move Yo Body Workout<—– my newest workout

6 Minute Plank

Full Body Circuit

Lower Ab Workout

The Twelve’s

Sweaty 1-2-3 <—–You can easily do this workout without weights

Oblique Workout

Plank vs. Pushup Workout

I’m certain that you’ll get a good sweat on with these workouts. Just add some sun and it is guaranteed! 🙂 The sweat will be flowing.

Let me know what you think!

What are your favorite outdoor workouts?

Do you enjoy hiking?

XO, Tara

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Move Yo Body Workout

Happy Memorial Day!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the three day weekend! That means we have no excuse not to workout. I thought that I’d share my workout from yesterday, only because it was awesome. I decided to mix things up after my cardio sesh.


Box jumps are killer. Oh my!

I definitely got my sweat on after this workout. I finished with some abs then called it a day. I fueled up with a green protein shake.

004 006


The Cookies n’ Ceam Green Smoothie incorporated the following:

1 scoop GNC’s cookies n’ cream protein powder

1/2 teaspoon xanthum gum

1 teaspoon cocoa powder

1/2 cup spinach

5 ice cubes

1/2 cup water

Blend together, pour and serve.

Simply delicious. I thought that Oreos were actually incorporated in the smoothie. 🙂

Allrighty, it’s time for to get movin’.

XO, Tara




Confessions: Fourth Edition

Happy Thursday. I swear today could be Friday. I am bummed when I determined that it wasn’t. No causal day and the weekend doesn’t begin n 8 hours. I’m sure that today will fly by just like the last few weeks.

It’s been a while since I’ve voiced some confessions.

1. I need to find some new decor for the walls in my new place. Sorry, but the Killer Whale above the fire place doesn’t cut it.

003Or this…


I’m struggling to find a theme that will go with the log cabin feel. However, I’ve only been here a few days….I think I have time. Any suggestions are welcome! 😀

2. Warmer weather means that smoothies will make a come back!


This smoothie from last night was more like a slushy. You can find more smoothie recipes here.

3. I miss running and biking. I need the weather and my damn hip flexor to get better right meow. Luckily, the weather is going to be better. We’ll see about the hip flexor. I need to take it out for a test run this weekend.

4. I feel like Miss Independent right now.


Moving into my own place, making it my own and surviving! Honestly, you have no idea how I feel right now. I haven’t been on my own since I was away at college in 2006 and it only lasted a year.

5. I need more dinner recipes. I am a terrible cook and I have a stove that I’ve been using, but I only know how to make a few things. Cook chicken, ground turkey, eggs, etc. Basic easy stuff.

 Ok, those are my relatively tame confessions for today.

What are your confessions?

Do you cook?

Suggestions for decor for a log cabin feel?

Have a wonderful Thursday.


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Confessions: Second Edition

Woah, it is Wednesday already?! Before we know it, Friday smack us in the face!

It has been about a month since I’ve shared some of my latest confessions. 

1. I’ve come to terms that I work too much. I know it is possible to be a workaholic….I think I’ve crossed that line. I got a 2nd job at Flywheel so that I could save some extra funds to put in my savings, but with my newest job, I probably will not need to rely on this as much or at all. However, I feel bad cutting back on my hours.

I keep trying to tell myself, “Tara- You need a break, more time, more time to spend on yourself, your workouts, training, socializing, possible bf?” <—- hahaha nothing is even on the radar on the boy department…(probably due to the fact that I work too much) Ugh!

2. Protein smoothies have welcomed themselves back into my life. I thought that I wouldn’t want to drink something cold in the Winter, but my hunger has changed its mind. Now I want want want!


Here are some of my favorite smoothies!

3. Along with smoothies, I’ve been making some killer wraps for dinner full of protein. Yummy egg whites, avocados, salami, chicken breast or ham slices. I’ve been pairing it with some hummus for dipping, cottage cheese or pretzels. Hits the spot!


4. I have serious runner’s issues. In the winter, I know that I won’t run as much or as far. I get super pissed when my pace is slower than what it typically would be in the Summer or early Fall. When I see a 8:15 to 8:30 pace, Tara gets annoyed. Hello legs, why can’t you keep up?! Then my mom chips in and says, “You are crazy, it is off season.” Thanks mom!

5. I get to go to The Paramount this Sunday! My mom bought two tickets to see the Mark Morris Dance Group.


She’s heard great reviews about the show. I’m totally excited!

6. I hate shopping, but I seriously need to go get more “business casual” clothing. Ughhhhhhh! I’m hoping I can just hit Nordstroms Rack or Target to get more basics.  I’ll just fit that in between working too much and sleeping? Just kidding! 

Those are my most recent confessions.

What are your confessions for February or this week?

Have you ever felt that you work too much? What did you do about it?

Favorite place to shop?

XO, Tara



Eating Texans for Breakfast.


Obviously, you can tell where I am going with this….I am off to Flywheel for an intense 60 minute spin class.


I always feel better after a good ass-kicking. Flywheel is the best for an ass-kicking. Do a double and its a double wammy! You’ll LOVE it though.


I will make it home for the kick off DUH!! In case you were wondering!

I made this scrupulous smoothie the other day. I’ve been waiting patiently to share it…


Green Strawberry Banana Smoothie

1 scoop Designer Whey Strawberry Protein powder

1 handful spinach

3/4 cup water

5 ice cubes

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

1/2 small frozen banana

Mix everything together in your blender!!

It is essential to re fuel your body after an intense workout like Flywheel, Flybarre or whatever your workout regimen is. Make sure to eat protein 20 minutes after your workout. This is will significantly help repair and grow your muscles.

We all want strong muscles right?! RIGHT!!

Fuel your body right today!

XO, Tara

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