Keeping Portland Weird

Ya hurd?

I was in Portland for 36 hours and managed to do the following:

1. Visited Voodoo Donuts.


2. Ate 1/4 of a sugar bomb donut from Voodoo.


3. Saw some interesting writing on the side of buildings.


4. Visited Powell books- well saw the outside…

5. Visited at least 6 breweries….Migration, Deschutes, Rogue, Basecamp, Pints, Upright and the last one is escaping my mind.


6. Tried at least 10 new beers.


Stout with a roasted marshmallow

7. Ate way to much food.


8. Visited Portland State University.

9. Walked at least ten miles.

10. Walked over the Steel bridge at night.

11. Drove almost 450 miles in 36 hours.

12. Overall, drank too much beer.

It was a great experience with the family. I would definitely go again! Especially since there are many more breweries to visit. 🙂

What did you do over the weekend?

Have you been to Portland?

Favorite spot in Portland?

XO, Tara


Goodbye Sea-Town, Hello Portland.

Nuff said.

I’m off to Portland for the weekend.


Hello new town, new festivities, new beer, new stores and new everything!!! I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.

oh hello portland with deer

Let’s be friends. See you in a few hours.

Have a great weekend!!

XO, Tara

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Cold showers

Humidity isn’t my friend.
While on vacation on the eastcoast, I had to try and get used to the humidity. It wasn’t too bad, but when it rained it got quite uncomfortable. That moment when you shower and can’t stop sweating afterwards is a problem. Especially after you go on a run. I’ll admit that I took a few cold showers just to cool down….only to start sweating again. Layer on the deodorant. Ekkk!
Anywho, I knew that I had to exercise on my vacation…I mean I cannot turn into a slob. I chose to run in the afternoon while in Gloucester and the temperature was around 85 and the humidity was a normal 80 percent. Boy was that a shocker.

However I was able to run on the boardwalk which had a beautiful view of the harbor.
Throughout my vacation, I ran as much as possible. I ran 26 miles in two weeks. I wish I ran more, but like I said the humidity and heat index was high which made it difficult to run longer distances. Plus, I don’t want to push myself to hard since my old injury seems to be healed.
Knock on wood!!


While visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins in New Jersey, I was able to get in a few longer runs. The course was pretty flat which was a bonus; however the 85% humidity at 8am was a struggle. I came back pretty gross….
Ehh, first world runner problems. Haha! 🙂
Overall, I’m happy that I was able to run while on vacation. I maintained my sanity….sort of. Although, it is important to find a balance while on vacation. Exercise isn’t everything all the time.
Do you exercise on vacation?
If so, what do you do?
Have a great weekend!! 😀

Representing the Home Team

Hello! Hello!
I’m patiently waiting for my flight back home to Seattle. I’m not a very patient person especially when your flight is delayed; however an adult beverage does help.

According to my uncle, adult beverages are known as “daddy soda.” I like it. And according to my cousin it’s called, ” coocooo juice.” I’m having myself a daddy soda/coocooo juice before a find hour flight.
Any who, enough with that. In my lady post, I mentioned that my mom and I visited an NFL stadium on our way to New Jersey to stay with my aunt, uncle and their two children.



Yes, of course we had to make a quick detour to see Gillette Stadium. Home of the Patriots! 🙂
Needless to say, we had to represent the Seahawks! Durr. What kind of fan do you think I am? The best kind!
However, we didn’t stop with just one stadium..nope! We ventured to MetLife Stadium a few days later.



I take my football seriously. It would be awesome to visit all of the NFL stadiums so I’ll add that to my bucketlist!!
Ok, it’s time to make my way to the terminal.
What NFL stadium are you dying to see?
Take care!

Life In The Sand

Over the past few days, I’ve been living the beach life. I could get used to the beach life.
Sitting on the beach with my feet in the sand doesnt sound too bad…no complaints!
My mom and I spent a few days at the cape. If you haven’t been there…you need to visit.









Guess what I found…

We went to another local restaurant which had some great beer from all over the world plus we played trivia.


We loved our time at the Cape! I ran
every morning along the waterfront.
I cannot wait to visit the Cape again. You must visit Provincetown too. So many stores and sight seeing.
Where did we go next? It has to do with football….any guesses?!
Where do you think we went?
If you follow me on Instagram then you should have a guess…
Do you have any vacations planned?
Have a great day! I’ll check in soon! 🙂

I Earned A Vacation

Hello Hello! How’s everyone today? Good, I hope!

I am happy to say that I get to take a vacation in a few months. Yes, a vacation…I almost forgot what that word meant. According to Google, a vacation is defined as “an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.”


My mom and I are going to visit our family who live on the east coast. I haven’t seen most of our family in 8 years. Basically since I graduated high school in 2006. It will be a great reunion!

We are planning on heading to the east coast in July for two weeks. We will travel to Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.


I honestly cannot wait, because there is alot of catching up to do. Plus, shopping in NYC will be amazing as usual!

Next up, purchasing the tickets for the flights which is on the agenda for this weekend. Then the countdown will be on! 🙂

Okay, it is time for work! Have an amazing Wednesday!


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