The Catch Recap & Mom’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to the BEST MOM that I could ever have!!!! 

Don’t ask how old she is, because she may only answer out to guilt. hehe! We’ve had a great weekend so far.

I mentioned that I went fishing on Saturday with family (mom included) and friends of the family. I would considered most of my family friends to just be family. I can cut out all the drama and get to the source.

4:30 a.m. came quick. I finally awoke to my alarm blaring for at least a few minutes. I thought I was dreaming about an alarm going off. It was real time. I managed to get dressed, brush my teeth, do my hair and fill up my water bottle. I cannot do much at 4:30 a.m. My motor skills don’t work that early. My voice and grammar doesn’t work either. However, my step dad has no problem with talking whenever where-ever. It was a struggle to keep up.

Once we were on the boat, we decided that it would be best to set the crab traps and then head to the fishing spot. Everyone agreed and it was time to prepare the crab bate and throw the traps.

After some time passed and the traps were set, it was time to boat to the “spot.” The spot is a designated area that our navigator has recently had success at. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best luck.


No luck. No fish. No practice. Only little shakers. AKA mini salmon that aren’t worth it.

After nearly 6 hours of fishing/hanging out, we decided to call it a day and head back to out crab pots.


Proof. Mom’s holding the only Salmon


Hauling in the crab pots.


Up close and personal with the crabs.

We caught out limit, which made up for the lack of Salmon. No one was disappointed.

Lunch at Anthony’s was necessary after a hint and miss morning fishing/crabbing. Anthony’s never disappoints.

Following our late lunch, it was time to head back to the Eastside, change clothes, and head down to Salmon Days. Ironically, there was a whole lot of Salmon talk happening this weekend. No problem at all.

Post Salmon Days, meant it was time to cook those suckers (crabs).

004 005 007

I won’t post anymore, because I know you understand what happened next.

WOW, what a long day. It’z time to celebrate Mom’s Birthday!!! 😀

It’s time to get weird.

XO, Tara


Keeping Portland Weird

Ya hurd?

I was in Portland for 36 hours and managed to do the following:

1. Visited Voodoo Donuts.


2. Ate 1/4 of a sugar bomb donut from Voodoo.


3. Saw some interesting writing on the side of buildings.


4. Visited Powell books- well saw the outside…

5. Visited at least 6 breweries….Migration, Deschutes, Rogue, Basecamp, Pints, Upright and the last one is escaping my mind.


6. Tried at least 10 new beers.


Stout with a roasted marshmallow

7. Ate way to much food.


8. Visited Portland State University.

9. Walked at least ten miles.

10. Walked over the Steel bridge at night.

11. Drove almost 450 miles in 36 hours.

12. Overall, drank too much beer.

It was a great experience with the family. I would definitely go again! Especially since there are many more breweries to visit. 🙂

What did you do over the weekend?

Have you been to Portland?

Favorite spot in Portland?

XO, Tara

Current snacks

Did you have a good long weekend? I sure did and it was hard going back to work on a Tuesday. It’s a blessing, but my whole week is off. Meh!
Anywho, I’ve been experimenting with snacks/dinners/recipes lately and that’s good for me.
I’m one of those people who will eat the same thing daily until I’m sick of it. Always been this way and I won’t hide it.
Here is what I’ve been lovely lately:
Rice crackers with spicy hummus and mozerella cheese!

Cheese please!

You only need 3 ingredients. Rice cakes, hummus and cheese. Simple yet tasty!

With all the warm weather, I’ve been in need of a tasty cold Popsicle. Luckily I’ve been able to sample the ProYo Greek yogurt Popsicles. They are very tasty especially on a warm day. My complete review will follow.

ProYo comes in a variety of flavors. Stay tuned!
You can never go wrong with a handful of nuts.

A great source of protein and energy!
Do you love Greek yogurt? I sure do. I’m obsessed!

Obsessed with the following flavors:
1. Banana
2. Strawberry banana
3. Strawberry shortcake
4. Strawberry
Lately, I’ve been creating my own frozen yogurt and I love it. I’ve been freezing the yogurt tubs for 2 hours before eating.
Aka super yummy!
I’m always looking for new snack ideas! Please pass them on!!
XO, Tara

All Weekends Should Be Three Days!

Weekend are the best. Especially when a long weekend is in the mix!
It’s Monday and I feel like I should be at work, but I am not! Hurray!!
It’s been a mild weekend so far. Worked out, played with the pup, watched hours of The Killing and Games of Thrones. Sorry but I’m not sorry for spending my time on the couch. Heck, everyone deserves it.
Cooper and I have been having a ball. Literally.

When it’s rains, play ball indoors.

So camera shy.

Cooper and I ran around yellow lake on Saturday and I had a run at it solo on Sunday. My left knee is still bugging me, but the trail wasn’t so bad. I didn’t push it too hard.

On another note…You’d think that Costco would be dead or not as busy on Labor Day Weekend. Negative my friends. It was a zoo, like normal. Complete chaos in my book. I had crowds. 
Costco managed to take my money for TWO items only:

I love the snap peas and the baby Seahawks book was a must. It will be a gift for the family that I am dog sitting for. You can never be too young to love the Seahawks!! 🙂 Start em young!
The Seahawks first official game is this week against Green Bay. Woot!
I’ll be prepping all week!
Oh ya, take advantage of the Labor Day sales! They are amaze balls!
Xo, Tara

Post Triathlon Recap

I know you’ve been on the edge of your seats waiting for me to recap about last Saturday’s triathlon. I’m always amazed at how good you feel after completing a triathlon. I can definitely pat myself on the back after doing all that before 9:30 a.m. I haven’t done that since last August.

Despite the few bad dreams the night before, I wasn’t that nervous.I was doing it with three other people so that helped calm the nerves.



Pre-race smiles. 

Prior to the swim, my fellow triathlete asked me which leg is my weakness, I said the swim. I basically said that I “black out” during the swim, then I wake up and it’s time to peddle. She laughed.


The crew. 

016 017

Three. Two. One. Black out!

Overall, the swim went okay. I didn’t get kicked in the face which is always a good thing. I kept my head in the game and didn’t panic.

I felt strong during the bike. I had no problems using my tri bike for the first time in a triathlon. I’ll admit, I didn’t clip in this time, but I will next time. I didn’t want to throw too much into the mix and risk falling over like a noob.


13 miles down. It’s time to run.


Not the best, back end shot.

I racked my bike, grabbed my FITTIE and hit the trails. I don’t prefer trail running, I love hitting the pavement. I mean, after biking 13-14 miles your legs are like jello and running on trails even tougher due to the uneven ground. Plus, they literally just made the trail a few weeks prior to the race. Awesome. Not.  


Time to pass this lady. Which I did. 

Since you weren’t allowed to run with music, I had to focus all my attention on picking people off. I’d pass one person, then focus on the next, and so on. Like usual, I left nothing in the tank and sprinted the last few hundred yards.


I survived!

My official time was 1:34:30.



My “fam club”= my rock. 

Everyone single person in our crew did amazing!!


What happens after a triathlon? A shower, rest, beer and party time.


The celebration. 

It was a fabulous day with good friends. So many accomplishments! It’s amazing what you body can do with some training. I highly recommend doing a triathlon. You’ll be happy with the results.

I potentially will be doing a duathlon in September with some friends. A duathlon is a run, bike, run race. I’ll have no anxiety about blacking out for the swim. Score.

Have you done a Triathlon?

If you do, what is your strongest leg?

Any tips for me?

XO, Tara

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Manhandling Logs

Hello my friends. How was your weekend? Superb? Mine was pretty darn good. I wish the weekends would just slow down…

Let’s recap on the weekend shall we?

On Friday, I was able to get out of the office early to enjoy the weather. When the boss says, “Tara get outta here!!” I’ll definitely take him up on that. I was out like a rocket. I immediately headed to my parents to grab Kasa and my mom then we headed to Soaring Eagle to go on a quick trail walk.

 014<—- This girl is always up for a  W.A.L.K. Unfortunately, Kasa now knows how to spell walk…we are doomed when it comes to trying to keep it a secret.

Post trail walk lead to a run to the store and a quick stop at the local Desert Sun. Yes, I do tan. Nuff’ said. Immediately after finishing my bronzing session, I received a text stating that step brother decided to come into town…hello impromptu visit. It was great seeing him and catching up on life. We ended up watching Divergent too. I was pretty stoked and I actually enjoyed the movie. I highly recommend it.

Saturday began with some prepping for the Music on the Lawn Party. My step dad and I decided to create a pizza station for the event. This means alot of prep. And since I am a wonderful step child, I offered to assist in the process from the beginning to the end.

 Since I was knee deep in dough and making pizzas all evening, I didn’t even snap a picture of any of the pizzas. However, we were a hit. Everyone loved the pizzas. I may blame the fact that I didn’t take any pictures of the pizzas on this:


So good and I am not sorry if I had too many.

014 009 018

There was a lot of dancing going on. Even the one year old’d got down with it.

Throughout the evening, I was asking many times if I was doing the Lake Sammamish Triathlon. At first, I said no because I didn’t know much about it at all. Apparently I am behind on the triathlon race circuit. I was immediately convinced that I should do the Lake Sammamish Triathlon with everyone this year. BTW, the race is in two weeks. Perhaps I should get my shit together. 

I thought it would be great to get my shit together on Sunday by heading home to get my road bike and tune it up.

Done and Done! I took the bike on a quick 10 mile ride around Sammamish just in time to witness this…


The picnic table is coming along. After a few “test” runs on wood that we wouldn’t use with an overall success, it was time to split the wood that would be used on the picnic table. I was in charge of viewing and video and picture taking. Yippeee.

Take a guess at how long it took to split this long piece of wood….Here’s a hint, less than 30 minutes.


The aftermath.

Only one more to go for the sitting areas, I think. But I don’t really know.

I won’t be going into the logging industry anytime soon. Totally not my thing.

What did you do this weekend?

Do you like to build things?

Do you have any upcoming races?

XO, Tara

The Johnson Wedding

Let me just start off by saying how HAPPY I am for my oldest dearest friend Erika on tying the knot. I definitely had to hold in the tears when I saw her walking down the aisle.

What a fun wedding it was. Between the beautiful wedding, vows, booze, BBQ, more booze, dancing, and the rest is history.


“I do”


The venue was breath taking. It was held at Kelley Farms in Bonneylake, Washington.

008010 016 021

Yes, we had too….


And, we had to take a selfie.


The beautiful bride and groom.


The “Erika Special” was a hit…definitely got people loosen’d up. Then the unexpected happened……029

I caught the bouquet… I must find a boyfriend first….


Cheers to the beautiful bride.

039 040

After the drinks start flowing, it’s time to dance!

The rest of the night was full of dancing. I don’t typically dance, but you know the “Erika special” helped me out.

I had a marvelous time with my family at Erika and Josh’s wedding. It was beautiful and I am so happy for them. I’ve been given instructions to find the one since I am next to get married due to catching the bouquet. No pressure…. ekk!

Do you dance at weddings?

Outdoor or indoor weddings?

Have a great Tuesday!

XO, Tara

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