Half Marathons:

Mercer Island Half Marathon– (3/23/14)- 1hr 56 mins

Labor Day Half 9/1/14

Seattle Marathon (or half)


Seahawks 12k 4/13/14- Injured 😦


Lake Sammamish Triathlon- 8/23/14- 1:34:30




Run Of Hope Seattle (9/30/2012)- 23.24/7.50mi

Fiesta 5k Ole (5/4/2013)- 24.44/7.58mi

Susan G. Komen Race (6/2/2013)- 23.44/7:56mi

Color in Motion 5k (7/13/2013)- Untimed!

Free to Breathe 5k (9/7/2013)- 22.08/7.12mi- PR*

Run with the Fishes 5k (10/6/13)- 22.23/7:16mi


Seattle Marathon 10k (8/23/13)– 45.52/7.21mi PR*

Fall City Days Race 10k (6/15/13)- 48.25/7.49mi

Rivalry Clash 10k (10/13/13)- 46.00


Seahawks 12k Run (4/21/2013)- 61.18/ 8.13mi- PR*


Beaver Lake Triathlon (8/17/2013)- 1 hr 38 mins

Half Marathons:

Fall City Half Marathon (10/12/13)- 1 hr 45 mins *PR

Overlake Medical Center Labor Day Half Marathon (9/2/2013)- 1 hr 46 mins/8.06mi

Seattle Half Marathon (12/1/13)- 1 hr 52 mins




  1. Wow, we’re doing many of the same halfs! I did Labor Day and Fall City last year – I finished in just under 2h and Fall City was my PR at the time too. And I will be at the Lake Sammamish Half too 🙂 I did it last year and it’s a gorgeous race! Good luck and maybe we’ll pass each other at this and other races.

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