Twelve Joyful Miles


Yes, this girl is still alive and kicking even after two 12 hours days. I never thought that I would be at the firm at the crack of dawn and work till nearly 6 pm. However, the experience has been great!! I cannot get into any details, but the experience has been a blessing. I’ll be able to take what I’ve learned from this case and use it in the future.

Long days mean that workouts are even more essential especially for clearing the mind and zoning out. That being said, lets rewind back to last Saturday. I knew that trial would begin Monday and I knew a long run would help clear my mind.

I decided that Marymoor would be a great place to let loose. Plus, its a flat paved path with trials on the side and plenty of water fountains. Why not work on my tan in the meantime? Done and done!

After twenty minutes, I was in the zone and feeling good. I decided that I wanted to run to the Woodinville/Bothell rest area which was about six miles from my starting place. Going back to basic math would mean my run would be 12 miles roundtrip. I haven’t ran 12 miles since the Mercer Island Half Marathon in MARCH! I can’t believe I said that. March?

But….I’ve been injured so I cannot beat myself up for that. I felt good during the run.



My family was shocked but applauded me for my long run. I took the rest of the day off…sitting on the couch and catching up on trashy TV of course. 😀 I earned it.

The run definitely helped me zone out and not worry about the upcoming week. Running has always been a stress reliever. Running is like my personal counselor.

Does running act like a counselor for you?

What activity helps you tune out when times get rough?

Any advice for me?

XO, Tara

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I Love To Hate You.

It’s Thursday and I’ve already managed to get in 3 runs this week! Shut the front door, I know.

I’m over the moon about this since I am still recovering from my hip flexor/IT band/knee injury.







I was feeling pretty freaking awesome during yesterday’s run. It was partly cloudy and around 80. I prefer to run in warmer weather, plus you can work on your tan at the same time. Double win!

Since being injured, I’ve taken so many people’s advice and started foam rolling like a boss. It hurts so good. NOT.


Foam rolling hurts like a biatch, but I believe that it is helping!!


I highly recommend this website for tips on rolling away injuries. has an abundance of great information for injuries.

 Tonight instead of running (need to rest my legs), I’ll do some easy cardio and do Body Pump.

Do you foam roll?

Have you been running or overcoming an injury?

Do you use a particular app for running outdoors?

XO, Tara

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After 3 Long Months…

Before I dive into this post, I’ll first say “knock on wood.” Why? I think I may be super close to being injury free!

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit dangerous and decided to try and go out for a run just to test out my hip/IT band/knee issue. I told myself that I would take it slow and not worry about time. I didn’t even start my GPS app. I started running and kept telling myself I can do this, don’t think about time or mileage….just go with it.

So I just went with it and after a few miles I was astonished that my injuries weren’t flaring up. So I decided to keep on going and going and before I knew it my 6 mile-ish run was complete. My knee didn’t hurt, my hip didn’t hurt and my IT band didn’t hurt. I actually felt that I could keep on truckin’; however, I didn’t want to push it too hard.


I feel like a runner again.


I won’t go into what makes a runner a runner, but after taking a long break from running, it is nice knowing that I can  do it again with no pain. Insert super happy face! 😀

With everything said, I am going to take it easy and go with the flow. I won’t push myself or run every single day now. I am going to mix up my cardio between hiking, running, elliptical, etc.

Even though the weather is supposed to be even nicer today, I won’t push myself to run. I mean, yes I want too…I’ll be honest, but I know that I shouldn’t.

Have you battled an injury?

How did you overcome it?

Any tips for me?

XO, Tara



3 runs n’ 3 days!

Hello Mother Nature! Thank you for frying us in the PNW. No complaints here. I’m loving the 80 degree weather!

Literally the entire week has been beautiful. But look at the weekend….hello bi-polar? 80+ to 60? Okay…not too happy but a brief week of summer weather is amazing! That being said I’ve been able to get in 3 runs.

Mondays run….

Tuesdays mini run….

Last nights run in the 85+ degree heat. Another mini run….I wish I could have gone farther, but it was pretty warm….
Finished a workout inside still sweating then went out for a refreshing beer.
You know what a beer looks like right?! 🙂

That’s my summary of the week so far!

Have a lovely Thursday and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Take care,

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Couch Hopping At It’s Finest.

Here I am yet again complaining about my damn hip flexor. I thought I was okay until I decided to hit the pavement yesterday afternoon. I managed to get through five miles then went on a hour long hike through the trails with my mom and Kasa. Let’s just say, I was limping through the woods. Serves me right.


I’ll be the first one to admit that I am TERRIBLE about resting and not running especially when mother nature is begging me to come out and join in on the fun. I felt that it was necessary to get some fresh air after literally sitting on the couch ALL DAY on Saturday watching Games of Thrones Watchathon. I know you were right there with me.

I’d say that I managed to get through at least 5 episodes from the first season (step-dad has some catching up to do) and 4 episodes of the third season on Saturday morning/afternoon. To break up the day, I went to Costco to get food for din-din. Dinner was served on the couch while watching The Wolf on Wall Street.

Wolf-of-Wallstreet-585x370Overall, it was a good movie. Lots of sex, nudity, swearing, drugs, money and well….what else could you ask for? LOL. Kidding. Basically, be prepared if you are watching it with your family. Also, it is 3 hours long. I recommend having multiple glasses of wine or beer with the movie.

Let’s get back to the wonderful walk through the woods. Kasa loves the Soaring Eagle trails. She is able to be off leash (note: illegally) and run up and down the trails.

004 008

Kasa in action.

007 011 012

She found herself a bench. Declared it Kasa’s bench.

014 017

Pretty flowers.


Nature just holds onto water droplets.

When the weather gets nicer people decide that it okay to venture outdoors. People shouldn’t be afraid of a little rain or colder weather. But now that it is Spring, we’ll embrace it even more! Loving the PNW as always.

So it is supposed to be 70 degrees today. I am tempted to run. So tempted…but maybe I should just do the elliptical or yoga or both? I’m in a pickle…We’ll see how the hip flexor is doing by this afternoon.

How was your weekend?

Any races or upcoming races?

XO, Tara

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Learning To Take It Easy

It’s the beginning of race season and I have already hurt myself. After the Mercer Island half marathon two weekends ago, my right hip flexor has been tight and quite uncomfortable. I experienced a similar feeling after the Seattle Half Marathon last year. I’ve managed to stay away from running since the race because of the pain, but today the sun was shining and it was like 65 degrees and that pulled me to hit the pavement. Well, that wasn’t the best idea. I am now hobbling around like an idiot that should know better. I thought I gave it enough time, but boy was I wrong.

I managed to run just shy of five miles in the glorious sunshine. It is so nice to feel the warmth and have sweat dripping from your forehead. I’ll spare you the pictures of the sweat. I always think that the sweatier I get shows how hardcore I am. 😉



I love messing around with Pic Monkey.

I hate to say that I need to lay off the running until I am fully healed. Wait, what? No running…you must be cray cray!

Yes, I may be cray cray…..but, I don’t want to hurt myself anymore in preparation for marathon training and/or improving my overall pace. Can you relate?

Have you pulled your hip flexor? If so, how did you treat it?

Is it hard for you to stop running when you’re hurt?

Any tips/thoughts are welcome! Help me please!!

Take care and be well,



Sun, you make me…

want to roll down my windows and cruise, baby! Yes yes, I am quoting a song from Florida Georgia Line.

This song definitely gets me in the groove. The appearance of the sun and blue skies was a treat yesterday (and hopefully today!!!). Absolutely gorgeous! I was able to take in all its glory while inside at work. HA.


But once I was off, my car windows were immediately down, with the sunglasses on and the music pumping. Yes, I am that person.



Made for a good drive to Flywheel. I wish that I could have soaked up the sun a little more. A run would have been perfect.

Instead of running, a good ol’ Flywheel session with Mackenzie did the trick.


Yep, I wear the most colorful socks. Lime green babay! Always reppin’ the Seahawks colors. Or am I a little early to celebrate St. Paddy’s day? Could be both! 😀

Anyone running in a St. Paddy’s day race? I am still debating whether or not I will this year.

Perhaps today will be the day, since the forecast is looking the same, but WARMER.  Hello 60 degrees. I am sure that I’ll see some peeps in shorts or tank tops acting like it’s Summer time. Typical for the PNW.