The Chobani Challenge Rap-up for October!

Poop. Sadly, I didn’t achieve my goal for October and read two books. Fortunately, I did achieve 50% of my goal by reading one book! 🙂 At least I did that. Hello, I am trying to juggle two jobs, a social life and stay mentally sane. Lol.

I managed to finally finish The Job Offer by Eleanor Webb.


Spoiler alert. If you are planning on reading this book, then come back later once you’ve finished and let me know what you think.

The novel begins by introducing us to one of the main characters; Dr. Anne Conner. Anne returns home to Seattle, where she will be having an interview at Stanford Enterprises. After arriving in Seattle and going through the first round of interviews; Anne decides to spend some time in Orcas Islands with her family. Anne soon finds out that old friends of the family; Lily and her brother Ben (an old crush) would be in town for Lily’s wedding.  Would this old crush become something more? We’ll soon find out.

During Anne’s stay at the resort; Ben and she decide to spend a more time together. The passion and chemistry between them becomes unbearable. Both Ben and Anne understand that this must be a vacation romance, because she lives in Boston and he lives in Seattle. However, they do fall madly in love with each other.

Ironically, we come to find out that Ben Carlson is actually Ben Stanford, the CEO of Stanford Enterprises. Anne has no ides that she is sleeping with the CEO of the company whom she was interviewing with. Throughout the week of wedding madness, Anne is offered the position at Stanford Enterprises and starts making arrangements to move back home to Seattle. She keeps this news a secret from Ben, because she doesn’t want to take the spotlight away from his sister Lily’s wedding.  Unfortunately, the news breaks and Ben’s reaction isn’t what Anne expected. Ben reaction is reasonable yet not fair to Anne. He believes that she used him to get the job, when she had no idea that he worked for the company. Ben’s reaction causes Anne to leave OrcasIsland and try to determine her next move. Does she continue to work at Stanford Enterprises or go back to Boston for good?

Anne decides to stay at Stanford Enterprises. However, it wasn’t easy seeing Ben from time to time let alone work for his company. Also, she finds out that she is pregnant with Ben’s baby. Ultimately, Anne decides to put in her two weeks and pack up and move back to Boston. Ben hears word of this and desperately tries to find Anne before she leaves. They end up reconciling and Ben asks her to marry him.

There had to be a happy ending right?!


Overall, it was an easy read that was quite predictable. However, aren’t most romance novels like this?

What’s your favorite genre?

What was the last book you read?

XO, Tara

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